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Placing a loved one into hospice care is a very difficult decision for a family to make.  While hospice is necessary to ease pain and discomfort, the prospect of nearing the end of life can cause even the strongest individual to lose hope without some form of support. All of us at 365 Hospice completely understand the need for companionship in this critical time. 

Watching a husband, wife, mother, or father suffer through an end-of-life disease is painful enough when fighting medical procedure after medical procedure.  The time left to our patients should be spent in a loving environment.  Even if there is a shared fear between every member of the family, supporting your loved one allows for two possible outcomes. First, that the individual in hospice is allowed to share their thoughts, feelings, and love for everyone. Second, that the whole family will harbor no regrets having lost the opportunity to say goodbye.  This is our goal at 365 Hospice and we hope you allow us to show you just how compassionate we can be.  

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